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Hello readers... This is taken from Shaklee magazine on how to get heathy, radiant and youthful skin...

New insights and scientific findings reveal a strong relationship between eating certain foods and the appearance of skin and the effects of specific nutrients for protecting the skin from photo aging, inflamation, and supporting healthy skin.

Vitamin C and Callogen Connection

Free radicals are harmful byproducts of sunlight, stress, smoke and pollution.
Free radicals damage our callogen, the fiber that supports the strength, texture and elasticity of our skin.
This causes wrinkles and other signs of aging.
Vitamin C is essential fo callogen synthesis and its potent antioxidant activity helps reduce skin damage caused by free radicals.
Data from AMerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the National Health and Nutrition Eamination Survey (NHANES), women who consumed higher dietary intakes of vitamin C were less likely to have a wrinkled  apperance.

Carotenoids for UV Protection and Skin Hydration

Carotenoids are naturally ocurring red and yellow pigments plants including beta carotene, apha-carotene, lutein, xeaxanthin and lycopene.
Important for UV light protection, maintenance and repair of skin tissue.
Deficiencies can result dry, flaky complexion.

Vitamin E and Anti Inflammation

Vitamin E can help skin can heal faster from sunburn.
This is very important since sun exposure can lead to wrinkles.
Researches found Vitamin E is the most effective in healing the skin from sunburns if taken together with vitamin C.
Another benefits is it can help prevent inflammation that leads to reddening of skin.

Resveratrol and Healthy Skin Aging

Resveratrol is known as the most potent antiaging compound.
It is powerful antioxidant that helps to protect skin from free radical damage, improve blood circulation, moisturizes skin and eliminates blemishes effectively.
Besides skin health, resveratrol also provides a wide range of general health benefits.

More healthy tips for healthy skin:

  • Eat an overall healthy and balance diet
  • Pay attention to getting adequate amounts of vitamin c, carotenoids, Vitamin A and resveratrol by eating food rich in these nutrients and filing in dietary shortfalls by supplements
  • Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated
  • Lather on the sunscreen
  • Exercise regularly
Shaklee recommendation for skin care from the inside: Carotomax, Vitamin E complex, Vitamin C and Vivix.

Tetapi jika ini tidak dapat dipenuhi maka memadailah mengambil: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B complex dan ESP.. Boleh email saya di atau PM saja di FB untuk sebarang pertanyaan...

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